HSJ-45 Single Screw Extruder

HSJ-45 Single Screw Extruder

Model: HSJ-45
Application: PP / PE / PS / PA / ABS


Specially Desinged for PE / PP / PA / ABS Extruder Machine



Product Description

This SJ-45mm Single Screw Extruder is specially designed for extruding plastic polyethylene material. It adopts advanced technology which has a large productivity and good plasticity ,applicable to large range plastic materials.

SINO-HOLYSON designed this extruder especially for auxiliary extruder for multi-layer pipe, sheet, profile production. It has an most important advantage  --- Stable Extrusion for the Outside / Inside Layer of the pipe wall, Bottom / Top Layer of the profile and sheet panel. 





SJ-45mm Single Screw Extruder is seperately available. If downstream euqipment for extruder, please confirm us about the sample details. Professional suggestion is given from our side.

SJ 45 single screw extruder adopts the overall design to strengthen the plasticizing function,  ensure high performance and stable extrusion. Design concept: high speed and high yield extrusion on high level.







  • Designed with  PLC control system. Which will  realize full automatic adjustment of the following downstream equipments of the extruder production line.

  • Resonable Designed operation panel - ENGLISH WRITTEN Panels.

  • Eco-Friend to the environment. The cooling water from this extruder production line will be recycled. And it has no waste pollutions to our air, water, and land.

  • Maintenance-easily. Our design for this extruder is very convenient for customer to maintaince. It's easy to learn how to operate the extruder.

   Back View of the Extruder

750-Back View.png


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