​SJ-65mm Soft PVC Single Screw Extruder

​SJ-65mm Soft PVC Single Screw Extruder

Model: HSJ-65
Install Power: 18.5kw / 22kw
Application: PVC Soft Granules Used

SJ-65mm Soft PVC Single Screw Extruder

General Introduction

Backed by a team of highly skilled professionals we are pioneers in the manufacture, export and supply of super-fine finished Soft PVC Pipe Extruder. This extruder is known for it strength and reliability.With lower temperature plasticizing design ensures stable and perfect extrusion.

Technical Advantages

1. Automatic Vacuum Suction Feeding System, alarms when lacking of material feeding.

2. Ultra-silent reducer gearbox, and transmission system

3. Lower temperature plasticizing ensures stable and perfect extrusion.

4. PLC Touch Screen Control is available, if want a high-grade automatic machine.

5. Optimized Structure for overall machine, which is convenient to dismantling and cleaning, and maintaince.

750-Two Color For extruder.jpg


  • Seen from the picture, the extruder gives a "ELEGANT" posture, a free adaptable high-tech demeanor. 

Most importantly, it designs with "charge missing alarm", "screw missing alarm", "load current abnormity alarm", so any troubles from the machine, will feedback by the machine itself. An "EMERGENCY STOP" button is easily available when it is hurriedly need.


  • Just like running your car with "One-Button Start", so does this extruder.

After all the temperature is ready, just press down "START" Button, it will work automatically. Cooperate with lower plasticizing designed screw, we will get a perfect extrusion at lower temperature, incase of PVC over-burnt, and cause explosion.


  • Our designer aims to make proudction more RELIABLE, and SAFELY.

By installing with high efficiency motor, @18.5kw/@22kw, this extruder will gives 10-15% more production capacity, by comparing with normally designed extruder. An optimized structured screw also is key configuration to the extruder too. 

The following picture is the production case from a whole production line.


Working with us, your business is in safe, and your money is in safe.

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