HSJ-30mm Single Screw Extruder (25:1)

HSJ-30mm Single Screw Extruder (25:1)

Model: HSJ-30×25
Process Material: PE / PVC / ABS / PLA, etc
Installation Power: 13kw (Actual 5.5-7kw depends)
Dimension: 1150mm × 850mm × 1650mm


General Introduction

SJ-30/25 Single Screw Plastic Extruder 

can be used for extruding thermoplastics, such as PVC, PE, ABS, PA, PLA, etc. 

Coordinated with the appropriate auxiliary machinery, it can produce many kinds of plastic products, such as PVC window / door profiles, wall panels, edge banding profile, ceiling board and so on. According to different raw materials, screw is designed with different length to diameter ratio and compression ratio (L/D), and the barrel uses different structure.Choosing the right machine barrel, screw and drive mechanism, in order to satisfy the demands of the processing of high quality products.   


Please Note:

  • This extruder is seperately available.

  • If downstream euqipment for extruder, please confirm us with sample details.

  • SINO-HOLYSON provide professional solutions.


General Introduction


  • This single screw extruder can be designed with PLC Control System, which will realize full automatic adjustment of the following downstream equipment of the extruder production line.

  • Extruder is Reasonable Designed, with a clean operation panel. All operation buttons are ENGLISH WRITTEN, Non-Chinese.

  • Maintenance-Easily. Our design for this extruder is very convenient for customer to maintenance. It's easy to learn how to operate the extruder.

  • Eco-Friend to the environment. The cooling water from this extruder production line will be recycled. And it has no waste pollutions to our air, water, and land.

Extruder -SJ-30-B新的.jpg

Two designs are available, manual feeding / automatic feeding

UPGRADE into PLC control is also available.

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